About Dan Kikinis

Dan KikinisSpecializing in the development of high-technology and intellectual property, Dan Kikinis has over 20 years of experience in multiple fields such as computing systems, internet, and networks. Having founded Lextron Systems in 1996, Dan now has over 260-issued patents worldwide and much more in the pipeline.

In addition to his work at Lextron Systems, today Dan is also a Founder Chairman and Chief Science Officer at Liquineq, AG. He is also the Chief Technology Officer of Otopy, Inc., where he has architected Otopy’s novel artificial intelligence and search technology, for Big Data.

In the mobile software space, Dan also serves at Futuredial, Inc. a Software company that specializes in Mobile devices.

Upon founding Lextron Systems, Dan developed intellectual property strategies as a basis for strategic technology claims for several enterprises, including ghostwriting a large number of patents for SaaS/ PaaS in Insurance and Banking during the late 1990s. Dan has also served as CTO for Cimbal, Inc. payments, at iSurftTV, before the company was sold to Tribune Media Systems.

Dan has also held design and development positions, some with operational and or P&L responsibilities, for firms in the United States, Europe, and Asia, in areas of FinTech, Mobile and Telecom. Dan Kikinis received a BS EE and an MSCS from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.