Elonex and Samsung sign patent agreement

LONDON, England, January 5, 2001 -- London-based PC manufacturer ELONEX PLC announced today that it has reached agreement with SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS of Suwon City, Korea concerning the licensing of Elonex’s display power management technology. Power management systems allow personal computer display monitors to consume less power after user-defined or default idle periods.

Samsung obtains a license under all of Elonex’s display power management patents worldwide.  These patents comprise more than twenty independent claims directed to the power management of peripheral devices including display monitors; and enable PC systems to be energy efficient.

Samsung is the largest Asian-based global monitor maker to date to license Elonex's technology.  Elonex has previously licensed Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Nokia, Philips, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp and others. Elonex is confident that other Korean and Asian companies will follow Samsung’s lead and license this technology.


Elonex’s power management technology is the subject of Elonex’s US Patent Numbers 5,389,9525,648,799 and 5,880,719; European Patent Numbers 0672285 and 0678843; and Japanese Patent Number 2,847,099.

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About Elonex

Founded in March 1986, Elonex plc supplies complete IT solutions to a customer base that ranges from private individuals to multinational corporations and government departments. The company designs, manufactures, markets and supports a complete range of desktop PCs, notebooks, and network servers. It also provides computer support services encompassing system specification, configuration, installation and maintenance.

In response to the demands of its customer base, Elonex has developed from a computer manufacturer to a complete business solutions provider. Under the title of Elonex Solutions  (ES), the company provides a broad portfolio of offerings including IT Consultancy, Networking and Systems Integration, System & User Training, Internet, Intranet and Security, Outsourcing, Maintenance and Support, Thin Client Solutions, and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.

Elonex’s hardware products are built to order at its London headquarters and at other sites in Europe. It has seven sister companies around the world. Elonex is one of the few computer specialists which designs and manufactures its own PCs; it has a large patent portfolio incorporating diverse technologies for many different industry sectors. The company’s wealth of knowledge and experience gives it a huge advantage over its competitors in delivering high quality products and services directly to customers.